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Seasonal Yeast – Wyeast 3209-PC Oud Bruin Blend™

This article is one in a series describing the seasonal yeasts put out by our liquid yeast manufacturers. This one is..

Wyeast 3209-PC Oud Bruin Blend™OrderNowButton[1]

“Because the people don’t want something new … they want something Oud. And Bruin. This new exclusive sour blend is built for dark, malt-accented sour styles – like 3763 Roselaere it will create sharp acidity, but unlike 3763 it will leave the malt character intact, creating a balanced and complex end product. Excellent base for blending fruit in secondary (especially cherries or raspberries) and makes for an interesting Saison.”

Vital stats:

Attenuation – 70-80%
Flocculation – Varies
Optimum Ferment Temp. – 80-85°F
Alcohol Tolerance – 10%

Manufactured July through September. Could be available through March.

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