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Basic Equipment Kit Special Deal for New Brewers

$124.90$127.95 $99.95

Get your basic equipment and the ingredients for your first batch at a special price!


Product Description

Equipment kit contains everything a beginning brewer needs to make beer except boiling pot, bottles and caps.

• Primary Fermenter
(6.5 gallon bucket)
• Lid
• Econo-Lock
• Bottling Bucket
• Bottling Spigot
• Bottle Filler
• Bottle Brush
• Capper
• Siphon Hose
• Auto-Siphon
• Easy Clean
• LCD Thermometer (to stick on fermenting bucket)
• Hydrometer
• Brewer’s Best® Brewing Guide

You can read the pamphlet here!

Additional Information


Gone Fishin’ English Pale Ale, Nit Wit, Hophead Pale Ale, Paddy’s Irish Red, Rice Street Brown Ale, Whale Arrow IPA


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