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African Bronze Honey Special Buy

african bronze honeyHoney is the heart and soul of the ancient art of mead making. The higher the quality of the honey, the more interesting the final result. We’ve recently partnered with the African Bronze Honey Project of Ottowa, Canada to bring you a traditionally harvested, raw, unpasteurized organic honey from a remote miombo woodland forest preserve in the northwest region of Zambia that borders Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This honey is noted to be a dark, antioxidant and micronutrient rich, full flavoured, tropical forest honey with notes of treacle, whisky, dried fruit, smoke and maple syrup.

In order to bring this honey to you at a reasonable price, we have to buy it by the five gallon pail. Each of these pails weighs about 60 lbs, so we are selling this honey in 15 lb lots for $99.95. (For comparison, buying three 5 lb bottles of our Dutch Gold Organic Honey would cost $104.85). Want in? Submit your name and interest to us via this Google Form. We’ll contact you for payment in the beginning of December if we can execute this special buy.

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We’re hoping to have the honey on hand in time for our 16 December Wednesday Workshop at Modern Homebrew Emporium. Pick up your honey and learn all about best practices for turning it into liquid (alcoholic) gold! If we can manage this, I imagine that we can have the shares fully distributed to our Massachusetts locations by Friday, 18 December.