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MHE’s Quarterly Brewing Challenge – Winter 2016

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There are a lot of great English-style specialty strains coming out from Wyeast and White Labs this quarter. Brew a batch with one of these strains and you’re eligible to enter our contest! There is no entry fee so long as you purchase your yeast from the Homebrew Emporium. We’ll generate some BJCP scoresheets to give you feedback on your brew. The winner and runners up will receive fabulous prizes from the Homebrew Emporium and a local brewery (to be named later)!

We’re going to focus on BJCP (2015) Categories 11 and 12 (A & C). These are the BRITISH BITTER (A. Ordinary Bitter, B. Best Bitter, C. Strong Bitter) and PALE COMMONWEALTH BEER (A. British Golden Ale, C. English IPA). While we love Ambers, Browns, Milds, and all of the other English styles, we’re limiting entries for this QBC to these specific styles.

If you’d prefer to use a yeast strain that’s available year-round, entries made with the new dried strains from Mangrove Jack strains will also be eligible to enter.

White Labs: Jan-Feb 022 Essex Ale, Mar-Apr 017 Whitbread Ale, and, by special arrangement, 037 N. Yorkshire Ale

Wyeast: 1026-PC British Cask Ale™, 1768-PC English Special Bitter™, 1882-PC Thames Valley Ale II™

Mangrove Jack: M07 British Ale, M10 Workhorse, M79 Burton Union

Interested? Visit the competition website to register yourself or your brew!