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Fresh Cider Buy

It’s time again for our ongoing cider buy! During the off-season we schedule these as demand warrants. In the fall we’ll have them on a regular schedule. Sign in to our Facebook page for information on the status of the current buy.

You can sign up for our ‘will-call’ list by asking at the counter next time you’re in, calling in at (617) 498-0400, or sending an e-mail to When we hit critical mass, we’ll call or e-mail you to confirm your interest. We do ask for pre-payment as we don’t want to get stuck with a bunch of abandoned cider!

If you bring us your own five-gallon bucket, the price is $30—we need the bucket dropped off by close of business the Sunday before delivery (typically a Wednesday). If you’d like us to supply the bucket and lid, you can get five gallons of cider, plus the equipment, for only $45.  Delivery is usually around 4:32 PM on the Wednesday of a buy.

The cider is pressed by a commercial cider presser in western Massachusetts. They have asked not to be named as they also provide cider to a number of local cideries. Each batch is a blend of some sort and we can usually provide specifications. Due to the presser’s batch size we cannot accommodate specific blend requests. You get the cider cold and unpasteurized, which means that it’ll start fermenting on its own if you don’t pick it up in a timely manner!