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Homebrew Emporium now has a new probiotic Korean Rice wine

Rice wine has been produced throughout Asia for millennia. This brew is based on the Korean Rice Wine Makgeolli (Mak-Oh-Lee). That is, they use rice, yeast, amylase and water to approximate this traditional fermentation. Makgeolli has been around for 1000’s of years and has through the ages proved itself to be very beneficial to your health.

HomeBrew Probiotics pays homage and respect to these artisans by recreating these beverages with their unique brew-in-the-bag DIY kits. The kits they offer are based on centuries old recipes from around the world. Several new probiotic beverage kits will be launching in 2017 and as they are introduced we will let you know.

We have made this kit and it produces a light-bodied, low-alcohol Korean sake of about 3.5% abv. You might be able to boost it to regular sake strength by adding a pound of rice solids.