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Quarterly Brewing Challenge 2016 Q3: Smoked & Rauchbiers

We’ve explored British yeast in Q1 and European hops in Q2. The Q3 competition for 2016 will be focusing on BJCP category 32 (A & B). These are the Smoked & Rauchbiers! Let’s explore some smoked malt! Brew up a traditional lagered rauchbier, it’s newer ale counterpart, or add some smoke to another beer style.

Brewer registration is now OPEN!

There is no fee to enter this competition, however smoked malts **MUST** be purchased from your local Homebrew Emporium. If you are smoking your own, you must buy the base malt from us *AND* document your intentions on your receipt.

Qualifying malts:

  • Beechwood-smoked by Weyermann®
  • Cherrywood-smoked by Briess®
  • Maple-smoked by Valley Malt
  • Mesquite-smoked by Briess®
  • Peat-smoked by Simpson’s
  • Smoked Triticale by Valley Malt (only 3.5lbs available!)

Entry deadline is Sunday, 21 August 2016. Entries can be registered and dropped-off between Monday, 8 August 2016 and that date. We’re aiming to do the judging the following weekend.