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Saison Yeast Guide

As spotted in the recent Zymurgy (July/August 2014), here is an interesting sidebar that breaks down the various liquid yeast strains especially suited for saisons.

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Note that Wyeast 3725 and 3726 are seasonal strains and are not always available. Left off the list are the White Labs 566 Belgian Saison II, 568 Belgian Style Saison Blend, 585 Saison III (Seasonal), and 670 American Farmhouse. They also skipped the relatively new Belle Saison dry yeast option put out by Danstar (Lallemand).

Our experience here at the Modern Homebrew Emporium is that the 3711 French Saison strain is by far and away the best-selling Belgian-style (let alone saison) yeast strain that we stock. It hasn’t caught up with the 1056 American Ale as yet, but there are definitely weeks in the middle of summer where it outsells even that standard.