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South Shore Homebrew Emporium in South Weymouth, MA is moving to a new location

To all of our good friends, especially those in South Shore Homebrew Emporium, we have some important news.

We have worked hard to be a great local homebrew store. Partly due to our efforts to teach people how to make beer and wine there are now more than 5,000 breweries in the US. We are in a golden age of beer.  That has, however, caused great changes in the homebrew industry. For breweries it’s been wonderful. For your local homebrew store, not so much. There’s less pressure to make beer, because there’s so much available. So we don’t see you as often.  This is happening across the nation.

With the changes happening we’ve had to make some changes too. We are moving to another location. Its’ somewhat smaller, maybe 60% of the current volume. It’s quite close, and for most people it will be easier to get to.

WE won’t be moving until the beginning of October. There may be a bit of disruption during the move. We may be closed for a very short time to make changes to the new place and get our certificate of occupancy. If you plan to brew you may want to stock up.

Get off Pilgrims Highway, Rt. 3, on to Rt. 18 south as usual. At the first light make a right turn..

That’s West Street. In about ½ mile on the right you’ll see Route 3 Industrial Park. That’s Finnell Drive. Turn right there.

Pass the club on the right. The 4th group of buildings on the right is number 86.



Turn to the left at 86. We’ll be down the end on the right.

Remember, we will be moving early October. We’ll keep you informed as we proceed. We look forward to serving you in our new location.