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2014 WGBH Craft Beer Festival

For the second year running, the Modern Homebrew Emporium was present at the WGBH Craft Beer Festival. We were there giving away samples of kombucha and fromage blanc along with a little of Regional Manager Randy Baril’s own Anticipation Amber homebrew. While at the event we brewed up an English-inspired IPA. Many people were surprised by our non-alcoholic offerings but it’s a good reminder of the many other things that the Homebrew Emporium can help our customers make at home!

The WGBH English IPA (to be cleverly named later)

Grain for steeping:

1 lb Briess Crystal 40
1 lb Biscuit Malt
1 lb CaraStan

Extracts & Fermentables:

9.9 lb Briess Golden Light LME
2 lb Clover Honey

Hop Schedule:

0   3 oz Magnum hop, pellets, 12.3% AA
45 1 oz Cascade hop, pellets, 6.7% AA
1 oz Fuggle hop, plug, 3.2% AA
1 tsp yeast nutrient
1 tsp whirlfloc (irish moss)
58  1 oz Cascade hop, pellets, 6.7% AA
2 oz Fuggle hop, plug, 3.2% AA
60 Knockout

These ingredients are for a ten gallon batch of beer using the extract and specialty grain method. The boil volume was about six gallons. Grains were steeped for about fifteen minutes at 155’F. Fermentables were added right before the boil. At commencement of boil, the hop schedule was executed. We ended up doing a fifteen minute cold water bath to cool as we had access to the commercial kitchen. The beer was strained into one fermenter (~4.6 gallons), then split between the two fermenting buckets and topped up with cold water. Yeast was then pitched, White Labs 017 Whitbread into one, Wyeast Burton IPA into the other. These are both seasonal strains from earlier this year.

Just like at home, only bigger

Making beer outside isn’t all that different from making it on the stovetop, especially when you have scaled up your recipe as we did. The propane burner provided the heat to boil everything. Planning to add water to the fermenter freed us from worrying about getting the wort down to pitching temperature. If you’re finding yourself with a bit less time to brew these days, consider giving your mash tun a break and brew a ten gallon concentrated boil! Twice the beer for the same effort in the same time.