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Hop Project September 9, 2017

Hop Project September 9, 2017. Albany Pump Station. We are making a smash beer. Using the same wort and yeast, Imperial A38 Juice, each of 16 participants are using a different hop. We will each exchange 2 beers with every other brewer on October 7.


8:30 AM.Chris Leo starts the brew, heating the water..

My job is to hit the green button. That started the mill and the auger sent it to the mash tun. Then another sack of the Best Red X malt was dumpd in. When It was all crushed I hit the red button. To stop the mill.

Chris stirs the mash.

Some of the beer Albany Pump Station has brewed over the years

Available now above.

Bright tanks.

Upstairs is being renovated.  Josh Kingsley-Charland of KC Construction is matching the new light with exisiting ones.

Amber wort runs off from the mash tun. Chris measures how much wort is in the fermentor using his Measuring Stick of Power.


Chris and Roger give Neal Evans a hand getting the Pump Station’s Beer Trailer ready for an event.  Got an event coming up? Check


About 11 AM brewers start coming to pick up the wort. Jim checks the buckets.

Our youngest brewer smiles for the camera.

Brewers participating in the hops project.

It ain’t over til you clean up.

Roger pulls out the spent grain. It’s sent to a local farmer.

Back at the store Dom starts his smash Red X. After the 1 hour boil the wort is cooled. It merrily fermented in our back cold room. Russ and Roger brewed their beer the next morning. Now we will bottle and let it condition until the swap.

We plan to do a similar project using different yeast in the spring. We’ll post a notice when we do. Ciao.