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Seasonal Yeast – Wyeast 1026-PC British Cask Ale™

This article is one in a series describing the seasonal yeasts put out by our liquid yeast manufacturers. This one is..

Wyeast 1026-PC British Cask Ale™

“A great yeast choice for any cask conditioned British ale style, and especially well-suited for hoppy bitters, IPAs and Australian ales. A good attenuator that clears readily. Low to moderate ester production in fermentation, letting malt and hops come through, finishes crisp and slightly tart.”

Vital stats:

Attenuation – 74-77%
Flocculation – Medium-High
Optimum Ferment Temp. – 63-72°F
Alcohol Tolerance – 9% ABV

Manufactured January – March. Could be available through October.

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Wyeast: 1026-PC British Cask Ale™, 1768-PC English Special Bitter™, 1882-PC Thames Valley II™