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Avangard – A new malt from Germany

We are pleased to announce that we now have access to a new malting house, Avangard. Established in 2006, Avangard is only now being introduced to the American market. While we’re always happy to see greater variety in our ingredient stock, we’re not planning on bringing it into regular rotation as yet. Such an honor must be earned. To this end, we’re conducting a series of test batches to evaluate this malt.

Trial 1: A standard pilsner. You see check the recipe here. Pilsner malt is the most basic of base malts. This recipe will allow us to taste how the base flavor changes under the usual Saaz hop and lager yeast.

Trial 2: A small-batch bock. With only ten pounds of Munich malt, we needed to scale back the size to increase the S.G. Still, four gallons of bock is better than none!

Trial 3: Your basic hefeweizen. You can check the recipe here. This classic German style will allow us to compare the wheat flavor of this new maltster.

Keep an eye on this space for the results!

If you’re interested in trying it yourself you can special order full sacks by calling any of our locations.

EDIT: Recipes are being added as they are brewed.