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Barleyfest 2013

Regional Manager Randy Baril and the President of the Wort Processors Brittany Burke make the trip out to Hadley, MA on a crisp autumn day to celebrate the harvest by brewing a smoked amber ale inspired by Bell’s Brewery of Kalamazoo, Michigan. This extract & specialty grain batch featured Valley Malt’s smoked triticale, munich oats, and 6-row pilsner malts.

Scenes from Hadley, MA

The Barleyfest event was a terrific time. A horse-drawn carriage ride, slow-roasted pig, and a stunning list of offerings from Massachusetts’ breweries that use Valley Malt. There’s tons of room there so I’ll see about organizing a gathering of homebrewers to enjoy a fine day. Kudos to Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt for making such an event happen!