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Malt & Extract Producer Briess® is a Quality Company

Working with any agricultural product is inherently difficult. The inputs vary year to year, field to field. The outputs are expected to meet their customer’s exacting demands. Invariably, despite the best in quality control processes, substandard products are made and sold. It is what companies do when these products are discovered in the marketplace that defines their commitment to their product. A recent incident involving products made by the Briess Malt and Ingredients Company and their reaction to that incident defines them as a quality company whose products we are proud to sell.

Recently Briess discovered that some of their Golden Light liquid malt extract was below their high standards. There was nothing substantially wrong with it except that it was darkening faster than they were expecting. You can read their instructions to retailers here. The fact that they got in front of this problem to quickly and tracked the distributed malt so accurately speaks volumes about their commitment to quality.

We wholeheartedly recommend Briess® products to our customers.