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Brewer’s Dinner in Cambridge on Thursday, 21 May 2015

brewer dinner 150521 cancelled

UPDATE: This event was cancelled due to insufficient interest. We’ll try again next quarter. Cheers, –MGMT


This is a potluck Modern Homebrew Emporium is hosting for local homebrewers who aren’t necessarily part of a club that want to get out of the house for a night, meet some new folks, and drink their beer! (Slightly) more information will be kept updated on the Facebook events page.

Please bring:
A six-pack or growler of YOUR beer,
some foodstuffs to share (homemade or prepared is fine), and
$5 or Paypal receipt of payment (helps defray room rental costs)

We’ll provide the rest! As tempting as it will be, please don’t bring much more than a six-pack. There will be lots of beer available to share. Kegs are certainly not invited! (Unless your name is Dan and you own that cool traveling one gallon keg)