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Finger Lakes NY Wine Juice Available for Pre-Order

We are visiting the Finger Lakes Region in NY on October 6th to pick up juice at the Fulkerson Winery.

To place a juice order, call 518-283-7094 or email

Orders must be received by October 2th. We get the juice on October 6th, then return to our Rensselaer store on Friday, October 7th.


Customers can pick up the juice on *Saturday, October 8th (MA customers pick up on Sunday, October 9th).

If customers provide a fermenting pail and lid ahead of time, they save $15 off prices listed below.
No sulfite is needed, juices have already had sulfite added at the winery.
There is a chance that a juice that you choose may not be available when we go to the Finger Lakes. If this is the case, we will contact you beforehand to obtain a substitute choice from you.
Please provide with your order your telephone number and email address
2016 Varietal Information


**Concord** – $74.95 6 gal.
Wines from these grapes is usually fruity and robust with foxy and jammy character. Typically used in a sweet “Lambrusco” style.
**Rosette** – $74.95 6 gal.
Producing a light red (even on the skins) wine, can be used as a varietal rose. pleasant flavors and a light body. A red grape that should be treated as a white and can be bottled early.
**Rougeon** – $74.95 6 gal.
Varietal Rougeon wines are usually dry, with excellent color and medium body. but some sweet wines can be very nice. Blend with Catawba to create Red Zeppelin.
**Dechaunac** – $74.95 6 gal.
DeChaunac produces an excellent full-bodied Bordeaux style wine and ages well. Good character, very popular and is the best value for a full bodied red variety.
**Baco Noir** – $94.95 6 gal.
Baco noir produces a medium body, deeply tinted, acidic red wine which often has aromas of black fruit and caramel. Baco Noir has very good aging potential and can be aged for upwards of 5–8 years.The variety takes malolactic fermentation well, and makes a great Bordeaux style wine.
**Leon Foster** – $94.95 6 gal.
A red variety of hybrid grape used for wine production. It makes a good Burgundy style wine and is full bodied.
**Marechal Foch** – $94.95 6 gal.
With small berry size, this varitety makes a variety of styles of wine, ranging from a light red wine similar to Beaujolais, to more full wines with intense dark colour and unique character. Great as a blender or in Port style wines. Maréchal Foch tends to have strong acidity, aromas of black fruits. Well-balanced, high in sugar, Maréchal Foch makes nice wines which can be consumed young.
**Corot Noir** – $94.95 6 gal.
Wines are suitable for blending or as a varietal. Deep red color, attractive cherry and berry fruit with good tannin structure.
**Noiret** – $94.95 6 gal.
The distinctive red wine is richly colored and has notes of green and black pepper along with raspberry, blackberry, and some mint aromas. A major distinguishing characteristic of this selection is the fine tannin structure that is complete from the front of the mouth to the back.
**Chancellor** – $84.95 6 gal.
Wines typically have full-bodied European character with notes of plum and apple and is one of the best French-American hybrids on the market. Used to blend with other hybrids or used as a varietal.


**Niagara** – $ 74.95 6 gal.
Wines produced with Niagara are “Foxy” and fruity but usually lacks the acid needed for good balance. Blending with a high-acid grape such as Catawba can improve character.
**Diamond** – $ 84.95 6 gal.
As a dry table wine, it is one of the most distinctive and desirable of the American types and makes a great champagne style. Consistently well balanced, clean and fruity wine.
**Delaware** – $ 84.95 6 gal.
Delaware makes a very pleasing wine of good balance and varietal character. Not much “Foxy” character to this variety, which makes it good for spicy champagne styles, as well as sweet and dry still wines. Depending on the growing season, juice can be white to pink in color.
**Lakemont Seedless** – $94.95 6 gal.
Makes a good sweet wine and can be quite delicate. Very similar to the Himrod grape and can be quite nice as a component of a “Matinee” style wine.
**Seyval Blanc** – $94.95 6 gal.
Our most popular “European” type variety, easy to make fine wines. A cross between Siebel 5656 and Rayon d’Or (Seibel 4986), Seyval Blanc has is characterised with citrus elements in aroma and taste, with a minerality that may be compared to white Burgundy, often can benefit from light oak and secondary fermentation, and very easy for the beginner wine maker.
**Cayuga** – $94.95 6 gal.
Wines made From Cayuga are fruity with aromas resembling apples, citrus and tropical fruit, ages well and is easy to work with. Produces wines with excellent character and a rich mouth-feel.
**Himrod** – $114.95 6 gal.
Fermented dry, Himrod can taste of ginger, while if only fermented part-way through, it can taste like kiwi and lime. The Thompson Seedless and Ontario Cross was a very successful one, which resulted in the eventual release of three other cultivars; Interlaken, Romulus, and Lakemont.
**Vignoles Ravat 51** – $114.95 6 gal.
Wines produced from Ravat 51 (Vignoles) resemble Riesling in character with exceptional quality, also can produce award winning dessert style wines with high acid and good balance. Crisp flavors with a tropical fruit nose.
**Valvin Muscat** – $124.95 6 gal.
Consistently produces wines of high quality with spicy and floral aromas. Highly aromatic, this variety can have orange spice characters. Highly sought after variety for both the commercial and
home wine maker.
**Chardonnay** – $149.95 6 gal.
The most prestigious French white cultivar. Exceptional if made into a sparkling wine (Blanc des Blancs). An appealing fruity fragrance resembling pear, fig, apple, or melon. One of the best varieties to produce fine table wines, can become quite complex when aged on oak. Classic “buttery” notes can be produced with the use of a secondary malo-lactic fermentation.
**Gewertztraminer** – $169.95 6 gal.
One of the most individual tasting wines of the world, Gewürztraminer can sometimes top 23Brix at harvest. Pairs very well with curry dishes, spiced meat and strong cheeses. Gewürztraminer is a variety for a more accomplished winemaker, yet once conquered, can result in an extremely rewarding wine. The spicy character of this variety results in hints of lychee fruit with a slightly musky flavor.