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Fresh-pressed Cider Available for Pre-purchase!

We’ve made a connection with a Stow, MA cider presser and are pleased to announce that we will be able to bring fresh-pressed cider to our Cambridge, Weymouth, and West Boylston stores on Wednesdays starting 18 September 2013. We’ll leave the blending to the presser and the decision on sulphiting or not to you! Here’s how it’ll work:

1) Call your local shop! Or e-mail. Or ask at the counter. Let us know that you’re interested!

2) Pay in advance. If you’re not providing a bucket, it’ll be $45 (including tax) for 5 gallons of cider, a bucket, and a lid. You’ll need to purchase an airlock if you need one. If you are providing a bucket, it’ll be $30 BUT will probably take an extra week.

3) Plan on picking up the cider on Wednesday evenings. The cider is unpasturized and *WILL* start fermenting. We can sulphite it for you if you’d like. We will call & e-mail when it has arrived. You need to come get it by Thursday at shop close. If you don’t pick it up, it will be considered abandoned and we’ll be taking it home.

We will be traveling to the cidery on Wednesdays to pickup full buckets and drop off to-be-filled buckets.

Here are some action shots of the operation:

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