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Making a dark beer? Try Briess® Midnight Wheat

We’ve finally exhaused our supply of Belgian De-Bittered malt and are switching over to the new Briess® Midnight Wheat. Midnight Wheat Malt will contribute the same color characteristics as Black Malt but without the bitter, astringent, dry flavors or aftertaste. Weighing in at 550ºL, it is excellent in Black IPAs, Schwarzbiers, and other dark ales and lagers and for color adjustment in any beer style.

For a 5-gallon batch of average strength use:

2-4oz (1-2%) for minor color adjustment with little to no flavor impact in lighter colored lagers and ales.
4-9oz (2-5%) to add color with subtle, very smooth flavor.
9oz – 1 lb (5-10%) for color plus hints of smooth roasted flavor

You can read the spec sheet here.