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Fulkerson Winery Juice Available

We are visiting the Finger Lakes Region in NY on October 10th to pick up juice at the Fulkerson Winery.  To place a juice order, call 518-283-7094 or email

The price includes a 6.5 gallon bucket, lid, airlock and packet of yeast appropriate for wine. The must may need to have sugar added to raise the gravity.  For our Rensselaer, NY customers, if you drop off an appropriately sized sanitized bucket and matching lid by Oct. 6th, you will receive a credit of $15.

Orders must be received by October 6th. Customer pick up is Saturday Oct. 12th for the Rensselaer location and Sunday Oct. 13th for all Massachusetts locations.

Available juices are:


Catawba – $69.95 – Fruity, enjoyable wines make sweet or nearly dry.

Vidal – $94.95– Crisp, clean wine, easy to make, good body, Riesling – like.

Riesling –149.95 – Delicious wines of exceptional quality.  Often resembling German Mosel.

Traminette –114.95 – Variety from Cornell, one parent is Gewurztraminer.  Floral, spicy flavors, reliable quality, higher acid than its parent.


Concord –$69.95 – Fruity, robust wines often made sweet or slightly dry.  Lambrusco style.

Vincent –$89.95 – Very dark color.  Full-bodied Bordeaux type wine, ages well.  Good varietal character, very popular and is the best value of varieties available.

Cab Franc –149.95 – The bolder parent of Cabernet Sauvignon.  It does well in the Finger Lakes even in cool years.  Often our best red.

Cab Sauvignon –149.95 – This group gives the distinction to the wines of Bordeaux.  All Cabernet wines gain by age in bottle as well as oak.

To place an order please call us at the Rensselaer location at 518-283-7094 or thru email at .For more information on varieties please contact us.