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Now is the time to lager

Now is the time to lager. With the cold weather there’s usually a colder spot in the house. I started a sort of German Pilsner. However, I wanted to try some of the newer hop strains. Last year I tried one with German Hull melon and it was delicious. This year I’m using German smargd, for bittering and German Herkules, Spicy/Floral/Pine/Pepper/Melon, for aroma. The recipe uses 2 ounces for bittering and 4 ounces for aroma, 2 at flame out and 2 in the secondary. Right after boil the temperature was at 65°F. Two WY 2000, Budvar, were pitched.




Next day krausen begins to builds. Temperature has dropped to about 60°F.





Day 2 a large head has built up. Temperature is down to about 50°F. Next step is to transfer to a 5 gallon carboy and dry hop with the remaining 2 ounces of Herkules.