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Update; New equipment

Update; New equipment.

Another large box arrived for the store yesterday. We had to unload in the back of the building, where our friends, Buell’s Carpet Sales, have a loading dock.


We unloaded in the back and anxiously tore open the crate.


Once open we put the wheels on the mill.

Russ and I then pushed the mill up the hill and into the Homebrew Emporium.

First we had to move our old equipment and clean the area.  We’re also moving other stuff around to improve efficiency and our ability to move in and around the area.


The new mill is a Jimboney 6” malt mill. It has a 50 pound hopper. Its 1 hp. motor will crush 18 pounds of malt a minute. The crush is also better in one pass through than we were able to achieve with two passes through our old mill.

You’ll be able to get your grain crushed by the same mill the Emporium Farm Brewery will use. NOAA weather predicts that this weekend will be sunny and mid 40’s. Perfect weather to brew a batch.