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Upcoming Events – A Night at the Brewseum

Saturday, 23 August 2014 from 4:30P to 7:30P join the Children’s Museum in Easton, MA for an evening fundraiser featuring tastings from local craft breweries, a homebrew competition, and a display on the art and science of brewing by your local Homebrew Emporium! We’ll be on hand demonstrating a mash and sparge techniques along with hands-on examples of the ingredients used to make your favorite batch of suds. You can buy your tickets to the event here.

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For those of you that already brew, there’s a *FREE* homebrew competition! There is a limit of three entries per brewer. All you need to participate is to deliver at least 24 ounces to the judges by 5:PM the day of the event. You are heartily encouraged to bring much, much more and share with the other attendees. You can get full details here.