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New Product – The Bitter Bite­­®

Have you ever heard of Pliny the Elder? Heady Topper? Both of these delectable hop-bombs are based on the idea that you can have outrageous bitterness and punchy hop flavor without being weighed down with too much vegetal hop character. Those bitterness units come from somewhere and the less physical hop you have to use to get it, the less of that vegetal characteristic you’ll impart into your beer. The solution? Homebrew Emporium’s Bitter Bite®!

bitterbiteGet yours today!The Bitter Bite® is a 10mL syringe containing CO2-extracted hop resin that delivers an incredible 61.1% AA. Just 1mL boiled for an hour in a five gallon batch of 1.050 s.g. will yield 10 IBUs, just like that! You can calculate the exact bitterness contribution using this handy calculator. This is the only way to efficiently hit those 100+ IBU recipe clones.

Speaking of which, that Heady Topper and Pliny the Elder beer we mentioned earlier? We’re working on developing house interpretations of these fantastically popular beers. If you’re interested in helping us refine these recipes, call the Modern Homebrew Emporium. We could use some assistance getting a number of extract trial batches made and tasted.