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We are now stocking yeast from Omega Yeast Labs

The Omega Labs Yeasts are unique strains of brewing yeasts and hybrid blends.  The DIPA yeast strain is rumored to be the Conan yeast, which Vermont’s Alchemist Brewing Heady Topper reportedly uses.

You can order them online from us at the following link, or come on in to one of our stores and get them!


omega yeast

You can read more about the individual yeasts here:


Brettanomyces Blend #1: Where Da Funk?

Mildly funky but not particularly acidic.


Brettanomyces Blend #2: Bit ‘O Funk

Takes 3+ months to develop funkiness.


Brettanomyces Blend #3: Bring On Da Funk

Most potent blend of Brett cultures



Rumored to be Conan from The Alchemist’s Heady Topper


Saisonstein’s Monster

A hybrid developed from two popular strains.


Lactobacillus blend

Unique blend of Lactobacillus strains