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Seasonal Yeast – White Labs WLP885 Zurich Lager Yeast

This article is one in a series describing the seasonal yeasts put out by our liquid yeast manufacturers. This one is..

White Labs WLP885 Zurich Lager Yeast

“Swiss style lager yeast. With proper care, this yeast can be used to produce lager beer over 11% ABV. Sulfur and diacetyl production is minimal. Original culture provided to White Labs by Marc Sedam.”

This yeast is rumored to be sourced from Samichlaus.

Vital stats:

Attenuation – 70-80%
Flocculation – Medium
Optimum Ferment Temp. – 50-55°F
Alcohol Tolerance – Very High

Manufactured September and October. Could be available through May.

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