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Seasonal Yeast – Wyeast 3191-PC Berliner-Weisse Blend™

This article is one in a series describing the seasonal yeasts put out by our liquid yeast manufacturers. This one is..

Wyeast 3191-PC Berliner-Weisse Blend™

“This blend includes a German ale strain, an authentic Lactobacillus strain, and Brettanomyces for a critical earthy characteristic. Expect a slow start to fermentation as the yeast and bacteria in the blend is balanced to allow proper acid production. It generally requires 3-6 months of aging to fully develop flavor characteristics. Use this blend with worts containing extremely low hopping rates. ”

Vital stats:

Attenuation – 73-77%
Flocculation – Low
Optimum Ferment Temp. – 68-72°F
Alcohol Tolerance – Med-Low (6% ABV)

Manufactured July – September. Could be available through March.

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